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Living in a gated community in Atlanta certainly has its advantages, and most prospective home buyers love the added sense of privacy and security most gated homes have to offer. When searching Atlanta gated homes for sale, chances are you’ll find a fairly nice selection of highly-desirable options currently listed on the market, and ones that also won’t necessarily break the bank either.

While it’s true that many gated homes in Atlanta are situated in higher-priced neighborhoods, chances are you’ll also find a number of homes and townhouse residences that may also fit your more modest budget, which is precisely why browsing gated communities in Atlanta is always worth the time. But just like with any other segment of the Atlanta real estate market, there are plenty of pros and cons to buying an Atlanta home in a gated community as well. So before beginning your new gated home search, let’s take a closer look at just some of those advantages and disadvantages.

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Advantages to Owning a Home in an Atlanta Gated Community

  • As just mentioned, gated communities in Atlanta are designed for providing home owners with more privacy and elevated security. So for most buyers, that’s the number one benefit.
  • Obviously that gated entrance keeps unauthorized visitors out, so there is also much less traffic inside a gated community, which is also a little more safe as well, especially for children.

Disadvantages to Owning a Home in an Atlanta Gated Community

  • In general, homes in Atlanta gated communities will typically be more expensive. And if you’re searching Atlanta gated homes for sale and notice certain communities have a guard-gated entrance, expect those to have higher HOA fees. After all, somebody has to pay for that extra security.
  • Although this may not be a huge deal, also keep in mind that you may have to wait a little while before entering a gated community. After work is usually a busier time when everybody is coming home at once, so if there are a number of cars all waiting to pass through, chances are it’s going to take a few extra minutes to get home. And even though it may not sound like a big deal now, it can sometimes get a little annoying, so keep that in mind too!

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