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The Zac Team report on housing market brings good news

The Zac Team’s report on housing market brings good news for Atlanta residents

The Zac Team, a leading real estate team, has sent out February’s Home Price Reports to over 1,000 interested Atlanta residents in a bid to keep them updated about the latest developments in the local housing market.

The report contains information on what homes in over 70 neighborhoods and condo buildings are currently valued at and have recently sold for. In what can be termed as good news for the residents, the report concluded that 2013 was the strongest year for home sales since 2006.

Real estate professionals at the Zac Team collected the information regarding the value of properties in various neighborhoods under the supervision of the company’s founder Zac Pasmanick. Residents interested in the local housing market consider the Home Price Reports as one of the most trusted source of information to get an idea of the actual value of houses in their neighborhood, a company spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said that The Zac Team has concluded that the housing in Atlanta has showed positive signs of growth.

“Housing indicators for December, the latest information available, reflect the year-long pattern of rising prices and sales. December saw an 11.9% increase in sales over the month of November for a strong finish to a great year. In fact, 2013 was the strongest year for home sales since 2006,” the spokesperson said.

The report includes the properties in the various neighborhoods currently listed for sale and those sold in the last six months.

“Though there can be variation in what neighboring homes sell for – due to value differences based on specific street location, lot size, square footage, interior condition, basement improvements, and some other factors; this monthly report provides a general idea of what sellers are now asking for the homes that are listed in the Multiple Listing Service,” said the spokesperson.

Urging people to be part of the steady growth in the residential property market, Zac Pasmanick invited people for a free consultation and evaluation of their property by him and The Zac Team professionals.

Zac Pasmanick and his team have sold over 4700 houses in the last 25 years.

Zac Pasmanick  has won several awards and accolades for his community service and contribution to the industry. He is known as the go-to person if someone needs to buy or sell a house in Atlanta.

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