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Top Atlanta Neighborhoods For Searching Bungalows For Sale

Atlanta BungalowsDespite offering just one level of living space in most instances, bungalows are among Atlanta’s more highly sought-after properties on the market right now, especially for young and first-time home buyers who are finally looking to made that long-awaited transition from renting to owning.

Both charming and relatively affordable, it’s easy to see the appeal the desirability behind a classic bungalow or cottage-style home, and that’s only multiplied if you’re lucky enough to find something that fits your needs, wants, and budget in one of the city’s more popular neighborhoods like Ansley Park, Buckhead, Morningside, and Virginia Highlands.

As you’ll quickly learn once beginning your new home search, most Atlanta bungalows for sale were originally built between 1910 and the late 1930s.Typical features associated with most bungalows include gleaming hardwood floors throughout the home, huge “rocking chair” front porches, adequate bedrooms sizes and closet space, and fairly decent sized front and backyards too.

But with Atlanta also having quite the selection of bungalows all over the city, just where should active home buyers even begin looking? Well, although this list is by no means comprehensive, here are just a few places we recommend right off the bat:

Ansley Park

Perhaps most known for its high end historic homes, Ansley Park is also a great place to search bungalows, as long as you’re open to likely spending more. Look for most Ansley Park bungalows to feature high-end, updated finishes, and also a high-end price tag to match.


Morningside is also considered a top neighborhood for early 1900s bungalows, although most listings here can still be quite pricey. But given the neighborhood is mostly known for its quiet tree-lined streets and laid-back residential vibe, there’s hardly a better place to call home.

East Atlanta

If you don’t quite have the budget for Ansley Park or Morningside, we recommend checking out what’s currently available over in East Atlanta. Still offering all the charm and character you’d expect from a bungalow, most East Atlanta bungalows fall somewhere between the low $200,000 and high $300,000s.

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