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Candler Park Real Estate

Originally the city of Edgewood, established 1890, its citizens voted in 1908 to become part of Atlanta. The map above covers the Candler Park area, bounded by Clifton Road on the east, DeKalb Avenue (where the Georgia Railroad tracks are) on the south, Moreland Avenue (the eastern boundary of Inman Park) on the west, and North Avenue on the north.

Home to around 7000 wildly diverse people, it has more the feel of a small town than that of a neighborhood in a major metropolitan area. Like all the neighborhoods in and around Atlanta, it declined as a desirable place to live after the 1920’s but began its upswing in the late 1960’s.

Want to play nine rounds of golf? Got $7? That’s how much the Candler Park Golf Course charges for the day. Or how about going to the opposite end of the cultural spectrum for a tattoo? Also available in Candler Park, not far from the golf course. Not counting the restaurants along Moreland Avenue, the famous and fabulous Flying Biscuit bakery and cafe and Fellini’s pizza on McLendon and Radial on DeKalb Avenue are a few to start with.