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Kirkwood Real Estate

We are now south of DeKalb Avenue and the Georgia Southern Railroad. Bordered on the west by Rogers Street, on the south by Memorial Drive, and on the east by Melrich and Winter Avenues, Kirkwood is still part of Atlanta and DeKalb County. Born on the streetcar line, it continued to rely on this transportation mode until as late as the 1950’s. It was incorporated as a municipality in 1899 and was annexed into Atlanta in 1922.

One building from Kirkwood’s early days, the Kirkwood School, is now part of the Kirkwood Loft apartments, renovated in 1997. Middle-class urban homesteaders began to renovate the neighborhood’s stock of historic housing in the 1980’s. Howard Street, between Howard and College Avenues, boasts the finest and largest houses of the community, featuring Queen Anne, Arts and Crafts, and Victorian Folk styles.

Pricing has kept pace with the renewed appreciation of the neighborhood’s value. In addition Kirkwood is also home to Bessie Branham Park, a hard-working park that offers baseball/softball, basketball, tennis, playgrounds, and a large community center.