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Lake Claire Real Estate

Several years ago, there was a momentary plague of bumper stickers urging us to “Ski Lake Claire!”  While there may indeed be a 4.7 acre Lake Claire Park (a green apce on McLendon Avenue), there is, alas, NO Lake Claire. However, there is, in fact, a Lake Claire neighborhood starting east of Candler Park and also bounded on the south by the Georgia Southern Railroad tracks and DeKalb Avenue. On the east is the city of Decatur, and on the north, well, it gets too complicated and there may not be any official boundaries, anyway. Just know that the Druid Hills neighborhood claims the parks south of Ponce de Leon Avenue, so Lake Claire goes no further north than them. The “Lake” in Lake Claire refers to Lakeshore Drive, which in turn refers to an artificial “Lake Ponceana” which is now dry. Lake Claire comprises several separate developments that became incorporated into Atlanta (but DeKalb County) starting in 1910.

Around 1200 homes range in type from craftsman to bungalow, 50’s cottages, exotics and modern, mirroring the eclectic mix of residents. Lake Claire sits atop the Eastern Continental Divide, meaning that all water in it flows into the Gulf of Mexico. A little further east and rivers flow to the Atlantic.

During the 1980’s a group of homeowners in Lake Claire banded together to purchase ~7 acres of land. This became the Lake Claire Community Land Trust that, while private land, is available for use by the neighborhood and by well-behaved outsiders. Features include a covered stage, picnic area, fire pit/drum circle, and the “emu, goat, and chicken overlook”.  (The emu’s name is Mr. Big).